Facebook vs. Twitter: Which Is Best for Your Brand

Online identity and advertising on the internet, especially via social networks are essential for every modern company to stay competitive at quickly changing, tough market conditions nowadays. There are dozens of social networks currently present on the internet, but the final choice still comes down to choosing between Facebook and Twitter. Over the time, users of social networks have created somewhat of a rivalry between these two networks, mostly based on the profile of an average user, but from an average business or a company choosing between these platforms when investing in online advertising should be based on some other criteria.

fb-twitter-friendsBoth social networks have long pro and cons lists, and regardless of all the analyzing you’ll do, there is no definite answer to the dilemma which is better for your company. It depends on the traits of your business and the industry field your company belongs to, your target group of potential clients, current advertising aim, and many more factors. Nevertheless, here is a brief review and comparison of some major aspects of these two social networks you should consider when constructing your online presentation strategy.

Facebook wins when it comes to numbers

To make it clear right from the start: if your primary aim is to be seen by as many as possible social network users, no social network beats Facebook. With over 900 million daily active users and almost two billion active profiles, Facebook provides by far the widest audience in the cyber world. When it comes to numbers, Twitter loses a big time. However, over 300 million users constantly active on Twitter is not the audience to be underestimated, but Twitter has some different benefits regarding audience. Namely, despite the fact that if hosts significantly smaller number of users, Twitter hosts different profile and target groups compared to Facebook, which is often the key to choosing Twitter for advertising instead of Facebook.

Twitter wins when it comes to users’ profile

Almost 50% of Twitter users follow brands and companies compared to barely 20% on Facebook. It is because people use Facebook mostly to communicate friends and families, socialize in the real sense of the term, have fun and spend time in a virtual world being entertained. Twitter is the best for catching up with the latest news and updates, and business topics are more often seen on Twitter than on Facebook. Also, the age of an average user is slightly changing on these two platforms. Twitter is mostly populated by younger people and middle age (working) class, while the Facebook audience is slowly sliding towards over 50. Finally, Facebook is more popular among users living in rural areas, while urban users mostly use twitter. All of these characteristics should be carefully considered when choosing the best place to create a presentation of your business.

Functionality and variety of provided options

To stay competitive, especially if you are trying to advertise and present a brand new, smaller business, that cannot afford to invest big money in online marketing, you’ll have to be creative and get maximum benefit out of a given material and tools. Various multimedia options, including the video option as the latest one, are available on both social networks, with minor differences. One of the biggest differences if the fact that Facebook status has longer life span compared to twit, because Twitter promotes the faster flow of the information, so if you choose Twitter you’ll have to construct marketing strategies strong enough to compete for other content quickly flowing on Twitter. It is useful for announcements, but Facebook is a better option for thorough presentation. Nevertheless, since both platforms provide various pros and cons, the best advice for small businesses is to start with a Facebook profile, make a solid online identity and then empower this with the utilization of Twitter benefits.

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