How Games Dictate The Progress Of Technology

Games are becoming so popular that soon enough they will become an Olympic sport. Some countries like South Korea find gamers to be celebrities equal to those of Holywood. Gaming is becoming a huge part in today’s society and nobody can deny that. And when something receives so much attention upon itself. It dictates how other aspects progress too.


Some major games like DOTA2 or League of Legends hold international world championships each year and they get a response from millions of people. The arenas get filled to the maximum of their capacities just days after they start selling the tickets. These events have such high attendance and interest in them that they can rival those of certain football matches (the game currently most popular in the world).


Something that receives so much attention can never be ignored by huge companies. And the companies which do take interest in these events are the ones that make all of this possible. The companies we talk about are, of course, the companies that make PC’s or certain parts for PC’s.

Companies that create gear solely for gamers

Some companies like Razer and Steelseries are tightly connected with the gaming community. They create gear like headsets, keyboards and such to be used mainly for gaming. The gear they create doesn’t necessarily have to be good for anybody using the computer, but for people who are playing games for hours each day, they surely are the best.


For an example, a mouse created by Razer was specifically designed for players who play World of Warcraft to give them additional advantage in terms of mapping their moves on the mouse too, not just the keyboard.


Just like the people who are good at football are used to represent sport clothes, people who are good at gaming are used by these companies to represent their products. Popular games will soon have as much influence on the world as the most popular sports do today. It’s all going towards better technological advancement, and there’s no stopping it.

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