Iconic Mobile Phones Through Time – Which One Was Yours?

Mobile phones have been with us for a long time, today, we can’t even imagine a life without it. How would we communicate, entertain ourselves and even work? However, in the beginning, there were a few models you could choose from, and we were all happy to own one, even though we didn’t use it as much.

old phones

Up until today, almost each year had a device that marked it. We will start with the iconic old ones and finish with some of the highest-quality phones today. It will be fun to remember them all, and maybe just you had one of these before.

1. Nokia 3310

The first on our list and an absolute winner of the Iconic Phones competition is undoubtedly a Nokia 3310. This is the bulletproof phone that made Nokia the king of all mobile phones. Nokia 3310 completely changed the World and almost everybody once had it.

You couldn’t do much, make calls and texts but who could forget legendary snake game?

2. Nokia 1100

The next on the list is also a Nokia, even though it is less popular than Nokia 3310, Nokia 1100 was a real refreshment when it was released, and for a reason, it was a dust resistant phone with a torch application.

3. Motorola RAZR V3

When this device came to light, everyone was completely hypnotized by its design. However, the most important thing that makes it iconic is certainly the flipping it brought on the scene. You could be cool only if you flipped the phone now and then.

4. Nokia 6600

Nokia 6600 was a real discovery in that time, aside from colorful screen it included both IR and Bluetooth features, a decent camera, expandable memory and multiple other applications and features. It was one more bulletproof Nokia device that couldn’t be scratched even if it fell off the second floor of the building.

4. iPhone 3G

When Steve Job appeared, carrying iPhone 3G in his hands for the first time, everyone was shocked and mesmerized by its looks and technology it brought. It marked the beginning of the new era of mobile phones.


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