Laptop Or Desktop

This is not really a hard question to answer if you know what you will use your PC for. Most people get into a dilemma when it comes to buying the next PC, and usually, they get stuck between buying a Laptop or a Desktop PC. In order to help you decide we will compare Desktop to a Laptop in several different ways.


For the same power, you would have to pay a lot more if you opted for a Laptop. Laptops are a lot more limited than Desktop PC’s, and if you want to buy a really powerful one, you would have to pay well over a thousand dollars. Whereas for desktop PC’s, that number starts somewhere around four hundred.


Most important feature when it comes to Laptops. If you are going to travel a lot and you know that you will need a PC with you at all times, then it’s really a no-brainer, get a Laptop. Desktop PC’s are more stationary than Laptops, and once you set them, you probably won’t move them ever. Maybe a few times if you change your permanent residence.


When it comes to gaming, desktop PC’s take the cake. Not only because laptops have limited space and your hand (if you’re not using another keyboard) will have to be on the Laptop at all times, but because of graphics, overheating and display size as well.


Sure, there are very powerful Laptops which can ultimately play any game on high settings, but they will cost you a lot more than you should be paying to play something like that. The wattage is also a big difference. Because of their size, Laptops cannot run multiple graphic cards or even some of the best graphic cards out there, simply because they can’t supply enough power.

Ease of use

Desktop PC’s take a lot of space. You will have to have a designated area for your desktop PC and take some time to assemble it all. If you know that you won’t be spending a lot of time on your PC and that you simply want to power it up quickly, see what’s up and toss it aside, get a Laptop.

Laptops are perfect for this kind of use. They don’t take much space, power up quickly, and quickly get moved out of your way.


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