Technological Progress Through Gaming

Gaming is becoming a way of life in the newer generations. Gamer is a relatively new term, and it became popular just recently. The reason why it’s being heard more often now than before is simply due to technological progress which ultimately allowed gaming to exist.

Games and technology

Games have been around for as long as we exist. It is in our human nature to enjoy some relaxed time and entertainment, but never before could a person identify itself as a ‘gamer,’ until now. The technology has progressed so far that at present, people can spend ten hours a day, sitting at their computers, playing games.


Technology now allows such extraordinary games with a huge story-line, amazing graphics and immersive gameplay that you simply don’t want to stop living in that fantasy world. But as much as the games are influenced by technology; the technology is also influenced by games.

How gaming and technology influence each other

Since there is a high demand for new and improved games, in both graphics and gameplay, the technology has to keep up in order to make such demand possible. The computers are getting better and better because there are a lot of people who will pay a higher price for a better setup.

People have realized that the gaming industry holds high promises and some companies specifically target gamers with their technological improvements.

Games that change with time

There are some games like World of Warcraft that, as time goes by, add additional content. This game first started in 2005, and it’s still going strong in 2017. If you’ve played the game since its beginning to its end, you would know how much the graphics and fluidity of the game changed.


The details are becoming so life-like that often you may wonder if it’s more beautiful than the real life. This is all possible due to the progress of technology. The company which made the game is always keeping up with the best possible technology out there and as soon as they are able, they will improve their game. This works well for them, the people who play the game, but also for the people who create the technology upon which the game is played.

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