Things To Consider Before Buying A New PC

Buying a PC is not an everyday occurrence and if you are about to spend a couple of hundreds of dollars, maybe even well over a thousand, you should know what you’re getting and why you’re getting it.


Don’t make the same mistake most people do and purchase something that is a lot more expensive and a lot stronger than you will ever need, or even worse, cheaper and weaker. So, onto the main subjects – What things do you need to consider before you buy a new PC? There are basically two main things that confuse people who don’t have a lot of knowledge about PC’s, and they are the following.

Laptop or Desktop

There are high chances that you already know the answer to this question, but since it’s a really important one, it had to be answered. If you haven’t had a Laptop before, and all of your previous PC’s are desktop PC’s and you’re wondering whether or not you should buy a Laptop, ask yourself this. Will you be traveling a lot and will you be needing your PC with you? Are you a college student who will stay for a fair amount of time at two different places? Does your work require you to have a portable PC?


If the answer to all of these questions is no, then get a desktop. Simply put, for the same amount of money desktop PC will perform a lot better than a Laptop. So unless you need a portable PC, there is no reason why you should buy a Laptop.


When it comes to microprocessors, it gets confusing very fast. There are a bunch of different numbers, the number of core’s vary, a lot of different brands and so on. But the most important things to know is – microprocessors determine the overall speed of processing for your PC. The speed is determined in GHz and of course, the more the marrier, but it shouldn’t exceed your needs by much.


So consult with someone who can tell you what is enough for your needs. Also, the number of cores matters the most if you know that you will be performing multiple tasks at the same time. If not, dual-core is just fine, no need to go overboard on things like these.

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