Top 3 Big Hits In The Mobile Phone Industry For 2017

Even though it’s already January, announced releases haven’t touched the market still. However, this is the time when all the announcements are likely to come true. That’s why we’ll make you a list of top 3 mobile phones that will be the biggest hits of this year.


Some of the manufacturers are left out of this article simply because they didn’t confirm the release yet. So we don’t have a clue about when the next iPhone will hit the market nor how it will look. There are rumors that its release can even be moved to 2018. We will now present you three hottest devices for 2017.

1. Huawei Mate 9 with Alexa

This phone is currently on the presale in Europe for a while. However, the feature that makes it the big hit and that’s Alexa integration built-in feature isn’t coming until the next month.

Huawei Mate 9

This voice service will always be on, which means you won’t have to touch your phone to do everything you want. You can leave it on the table and still control it with your voice. Mate 9 is entirely new and unique device on the market, one that will certainly get some popularity in the following months.

2. ASUS Zenfone AR

 ASUS Zenfone ARASUS Zenfone is the closest thing we now have to the augmented-reality phones. CES announced its release for April this year. Tango is the system in charge of augmented reality feature. It will add some virtual elements to your everyday life. It also includes Daydream AR which makes it unique phablet bound to become a big hit.

3. BlackBerry Mercury

Even though there were rumors BlackBarry will stop releasing new phones, new BlackBerry phone will hit the market this year, and its name will be Mercury. The things that give this phone a unique look are certainly silver lines between the rows on the conventional BlackBerry keyboard.

BlackBerry Mercury

However, the feature that promises popularity and evolutionary changes in the future are certainly a portfolio of the new BlackBerry handset. The company announces this won’t be their last device since they will be there in the years to come.


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