Top 3 Smartphone Cameras Of 2016

When it comes to mobile phones, there are a couple of things we want from them. We want them to be fast, to have a large and quality display, and to have a good camera.


Most people like to take photos with their mobile phones and lately posting selfies and pictures of your food has become a thing. We’re sure you want your pictures to be as good as possible, and for that, you will need a good camera as well. If that is a feature that you are really interested in, then we suggest you take a look at one of these smartphones.

1. S7 and S7 edge

With S7 you get great low-light shots. Among all the phones listed here, it definitely has the best low-light shots. With S7 you also get a very nice shadow-depth of field. Images are consistently good with lots of detail, vibrant, and very sharp.

S7 and S7 edge

It has one of the fastest autofocus among smartphone cameras and also a special double tap home button which automatically brings you into the camera mode. This means that you will never miss an important shot.

2. Google Pixel XL

Google Pixel XLGoogle Pixel XL has a 12.3 Megapixel camera with an F2.0 aperture, but the pixels are quite large, so they let in a lot of light. The best thing about Google Pixel XL camera is the dynamic range. With this phone, you get absolutely amazing dynamic range, great detail in the highlights as well as in the shadows. This all works because of the HDR plus processing. HDR plus processing is a concept of software working alongside hardware where when you take a picture it actually takes multiple pictures and then combines it to give you some absolutely amazing results.

3. LG G5

Although it has been criticized because of its designed we can’t deny that it has an amazing camera. The primary camera is 16 Megapixels with an F1.8 aperture as well as optical stabilization, and the secondary camera is 8 Megapixels with a 135-degree wide view. If you are a person who likes to capture the beauty of a landscape, strongly recommend the LG G5.


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