Useful Things to Know Before You Start Playing Darkest Dungeon

If you’re a true fan of unforgiving RPG game titles that count your every mistake and stack them all up only for purposes of unleashing them in the moments of your biggest triumph, search no more as you’ve found the best one. Darkest Dungeons is a game that focuses on letting your feel as if holding all the cards and then proves you wrong by setting in motion series of events that are not only illogical but also go in accordance with every Murphy’s law. To save you some time, and nerves, here are a couple of things you ought to know before you start playing this ingenious HP Lovecraft inspired game.

Train Yourself to Let Go

If you are even a remote fan of HP Lovecraft’s work, you’ve noticed by now that protagonists in his books aren’t the luckiest lads in the universe. The same misfortune tends to fall on characters in this game, where players are constantly challenged to accept the fate of their characters. So the first advice is to learn to let go. No matter how fond you become to your champion in a team, have in mind that he’s an expendable resource.


Stop Pushing Your Luck

Another important thing in this game is not to be greedy, as well as knowing when to stop. If you’ve had a couple of good runs, don’t push your luck and head into another mission with same darkest dungeon positions and team setup. Change and prepare for each mission accordingly. Bring lots of needed supplies and hope for the best. This is the only way that you can expect success and actually hope to complete the mission without losing your entire team in the depth of madness.

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